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Havok Interview + “Unnatural Selection” Review & Live Footage 6/22/13

HAVOK Interview + “Unnatural Selection” Review

We had a chance to sit down with everybody from Havok during their Colorado Springs CD release party show and have an in-depth discussion about their new album ‘Unnatural Selection.’ The band graciously discussed with us the general album details such as recording location, album cover origin and artist, and the meaning behind the album title. We then had chance to discuss, in greater detail, the lyrical, music, and production aspects of the album. Furthermore, the band also gave us a track-by-track review where we discussed riffs, lyrics, overall album speed, and their choice for their Black Sabbath cover. For last, we were able to talk about their upcoming touring plans including their Rock al Parque Festival appearance in Bogota, Colombia, their Juarez, Mexico show, and their meet and greet plus live performance at Record Breakers in Chicago. As a bonus, we also have a little Havok trivia for your enjoyment.


HAVOK “Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death” Live

HAVOK “I Am The State” Live

HAVOK “Scumbag in Disguise” Live

HAVOK “Worse Than War” Live

HAVOK “Unnatural Selection” Live