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Amon Amarth Interview 7/7/13

We had a chance to sit down with one of Amon Amarth’s founding members Olavi Mikkonen on their Denver stop for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival. This time around we had the opportunity to discuss their current tour and the upcoming European tour with Carcass and Hell. We also had a chance to talk about their famous Viking ship stage prop and their limited set and set list for this festival. Olavi also briefly discussed the comparison and contrast between European Festivals and American festivals like the Rockstar Mayhem Festival. We then had a more detailed discussion about their new album Deceiver of the Gods where we touched on the differences for this new record in comparison to their older catalogue, the idea behind and design of their limited box set, future music videos for the release, and working with legendary producer Andy Sneap. For last, we discussed the bands utilization of online social media resources, more specifically the promotion of the new album through ‘Reddit.’

Attika 7 Interview 7/7/13

We had the pleasure to sit down and have a very open conversation with the legendary Evan Seinfeld and the congenial Rusty Coones who represent the power duo behind ATTIKA 7. In our conversation we discussed their inclusion to the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, as well as the overall fan reception to the band and their freshman album Blood of My Enemies inside and outside the festival. We also had a chance to get an update from them in relation to new material. The duo also talked about Attika 7’s history, how the band came about, and Rusty’s lyrical inspiration and his rekindling with music while in prison. We then discussed the message behind the band, their continuing goal to spread an inspirational and empowering message of social protest themes, individual empowerment, brotherhood, and a positive release source. Evan also shared some insight into his amicable departure from Biohazard and his journey of music and personal reinvention. For last, we discuss a few details for the immediate future of the band, as well as for Evan and Rusty including Evan’s new reality TV show and Rusty’s Sons of Anarchy participation.