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Jackyl: Interview, Live Videos & Photos 6/28/13

We had a chance to sit down with the charismatic ‘Mr. Lumberjack’ himself, Jesse James Dupree, and discuss many of his different facets and endeavors. We talked about Jackyl, their current tour, live performance mentality, and upcoming new material. We also conversed about his friendship, as well as 1997 and 2002 collaboration with Brian Johnson from AC/DC and what was like working with this legendary music figure. We also got to revisit the history and origins behind Jesse’s famous chainsaw playing. Through a social equality improvement lens we discussed Jackyl’s cover of Mother Finest’s ‘Just Like a Negro’ the implications of this musical venture, and his collaboration with Darryl D.M.C. McDaniels. We then had a chance to talk about his solo projects, his son Nigel’s band, Jesse’s new bourbon, and his record label. For last, we also got caught up with the latest on the Full Throttle Saloon show, Jesse’s Executive Producer duties, and the upcoming fifth season of the show.

Jackyl: Live at Flaming Gorge Days in Green River, WY on 6/28/13
Primary video footage by Carlos Reali of Superskum.com


I Stand Alone


Dirty Little Mind

Down on Me

Jesse James Dupree – Lead vocals / Guitar / Chainsaw
Jeff Worley – Guitar
Roman Glick – Bass guitar
Chris Worley – Drums

Photos by Carmen Mayta of Superskum.com