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Anathema Interview & Photos 9/24/13

We sat down with Daniel Cavanagh backstage in order to catch up on all things Anathema. We briefly reviewed the etymology of the band’s name plus its correct pronunciation. We discussed what other musical avenues are left for Anathema to explore along with the future progressions in sight and upcoming elements for the band’s sound. We also had a chance to get Danny’s impressions from the unique Bulgarian show at Plovdiv’s Philippopolis Roman Theater that was filmed and recorded for their ‘Universal’ live release. We then touched on their latest acoustic shows in Europe with Antimatter and how they came about and future expectations. We also had a very productive chance to discuss Anathema’s upcoming work and touring plans followed by the ‘positive nepotism’ factor that makes up the band’s nomenclature and its effect on their dynamics. We also had a chance to explore a more personal side from Danny and his connection to Norway and its culture. For last, Danny commented on past, present, and future collaborations, including Mariangela from Tristania, as well as Mick and Antimatter.

Live Photos of Anathema taken by Superskum.com at the Summit Music Hall on Sept. 24th, 2013

Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema

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Anathema: Live at the Summit Music Hall in Denver on Sept. 24th, 2013.

The Calamity Cubes: Live Videos 8/23/13

The Calamity Cubes: Live in Denver on Aug. 23rd, 2013

“The Calamity Cubes! are a Kansas thrashicana band featuring guitar, banjo, and upright bass. They sing about love, drinking and murder, themes not unlike those found in the Bible.”

“Empty Bottle”

“Eternal Fall” w/Mikey Classic & Baby Genius of The Goddamn Gallows

“Skateboard Hips”

“Shame” w/Mikey Classic & Baby Genius of The Goddamn Gallows

Band Members: Joey Henry, Kody Oh and Brook Blanche