Katatonia: Interview & Live Videos 10/4/13

We would never pass a chance to sit down with the congenial and hospitable Jonas Renkse from Katatonia, so when they came to Denver again, we were very pleased to follow up with him on many things Katatonia. We had a chance to discuss this third U.S. / Canadian tour in the past year, as well as review a few details of their past North American tour. We were able to get a very insightful scoop into their 10th anniversary celebration of ‘Viva Emptiness’ and its upcoming remastered edition and special U.K. shows with Lacuna Coil and Paradise Lost (celebrating their 25th anniversary) in what is being called The Tragic Illusion Tour. We then caught up with the experimentation experience involved in the reworked version of ‘Dead End Kings’ as the final product available through their ‘Dethroned and Uncrowned’ album and its influence on the band’s identity. We were also able to discuss many things Jonas while conversing about his recent project collaboration with Bruce Soord and their band Wisdom of Crowds. We could not resist discussing Bloodbath either and the current state of the new material and the infamous divulging of the new singer. For last, we did not forget to explore the band’s future plans.

Katatonia: Live at the Summit Music Hall in Denver on Oct. 4th, 2013



“Soil’s Song”


“Dissolving Bonds”

Helloween: Interview & Live Videos 10/2/13

We had the pleasure to sit down and chat with the legendary and idiosyncratic Michael Weikath of Helloween in order to catch up with band and discuss many aspects of their career. We were able to discuss their limited North American touring cycles, the missing presence in North America from Gamma Ray during this Hellish Rock part II tour along with his impressions of their recent Rock in Rio performance and the 70,000 Tons of Metal appearance as well. We were then able to catch up on the current state of power metal according to Michael. We moved along and discussed the high variety of lyrical themes found throughout Helloween’s catalogue and how they manage to create and accommodate them. We had a unique opportunity to look into a more personal side of Helloween by discussing Andi and Michael’s current residence in Tenerife, Spain and its influence. For last, we briefly discussed the future album and touring plans for the band.

Helloween: Live at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO on Oct. 2nd, 2013

“Where The Sinners Go”


“If I Could Fly”

“Future World”

“Dr. Stein”

Cellador Interview 10/2/13

Interview with Chris Petersen & Diego Valadez of Cellador at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO on Oct. 2nd, 2013

Originally forged at the helm of guitarist Chris Petersen, CELLADOR was conceived with deliberate intention of bringing the European speed and power metal influence to the USA, where the style is virtually nonexistent and unknown. Upon release of their critically acclaimed album “Enter Deception,” Cellador took on to bring its music to the metal masses of North America, having toured alongside the likes of metal titans Trivium, All That Remains, Bullet For My Valentine, Protest The Hero, and many others. Their touring ventures took the band across the USA to Mexico, Canada, and even off to Japan for an appearance at the Loud Park festivalhttp://cellador.com

Anathema Interview & Photos 9/24/13

We sat down with Daniel Cavanagh backstage in order to catch up on all things Anathema. We briefly reviewed the etymology of the band’s name plus its correct pronunciation. We discussed what other musical avenues are left for Anathema to explore along with the future progressions in sight and upcoming elements for the band’s sound. We also had a chance to get Danny’s impressions from the unique Bulgarian show at Plovdiv’s Philippopolis Roman Theater that was filmed and recorded for their ‘Universal’ live release. We then touched on their latest acoustic shows in Europe with Antimatter and how they came about and future expectations. We also had a very productive chance to discuss Anathema’s upcoming work and touring plans followed by the ‘positive nepotism’ factor that makes up the band’s nomenclature and its effect on their dynamics. We also had a chance to explore a more personal side from Danny and his connection to Norway and its culture. For last, Danny commented on past, present, and future collaborations, including Mariangela from Tristania, as well as Mick and Antimatter.

Live Photos of Anathema taken by Superskum.com at the Summit Music Hall on Sept. 24th, 2013

Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema

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Anathema: Live at the Summit Music Hall in Denver on Sept. 24th, 2013.

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