DARK TRANQUILLITY Interview 2/14/14

We had the opportunity to share a beer, some laughs, and important information with the extremely personable and iconic Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity. During our chat we discussed the current state of the band after the departure of Daniel Antonsson (bass) and them touring with pre-recorded bass tracks for their live shows. We chatted about their unique tour stop in Puerto Rico and how the experience felt playing for all these Boricua metalheads in that beautiful island. We then talked about many aspects of the Construct album including a period of ‘writer’s block’ and its influence on the themes for this album. Mikael expanded on the band’s songwriting dynamics for this album as well. We then traveled back in time to the perennial topic of the Gothenburg sound that will forever be attached to this band. We explored Mikael’s thoughts on the state of this metal wave including past, present, and future notions. We also take another trip down memory lane and review the many metal hats Mikael has worn while inquiring into future collaborations. For last, we briefly discussed future plans for the band.

ATROCITY Interview 2/13/14

We boarded the Krull’s family tour bus and had a chance to catch up with a true metal workaholic and driving force behind Atrocity and Leave’s Eye, none other than Alexander Krull himself. We first discuss the implications of his touring double duties with both bands. We also explore some details of the family/music dynamics involved. We then discuss different aspects of the Okkult album including a trilogy conceptualization, the current styles being explored, and the first global metal treasure hunt. We then discuss the band’s musical experimentation history. We go into some details about Werk 80 III and then we review the many different dimensions that make Alex the positive workaholic that he is along with his own 30-year career and his future endeavors. We conclude our talk with some insight about his sister Yasmin Krull and Alex’s upcoming production duties.

MOONSPELL Interview 2/13/14

We had the pleasure to sit down with the Langsuyar himself, Mr. Fernando Ribeiro, who graciously gave us a few minutes of his time in order to discuss different issues. We were able to chat over the latest tour and in relation to previous tours while finding those niches, those dye-hard fans in North America. We also had a chance to discuss Omega White as the “musical twin” for the Alpha Noir album. We then took some time to converse about the peculiar honor for this Metal band when the Portuguese Postal Service included Moonspell’s Wolfheart within their stamp collection as one of the most significant moments and records from Portugal. After this, Fernando discussed future plans for the band, including touring mentalities and going into writing mode as well. We also talked about the “Sombra” shows the band did in the recent years. We also go back in time and discuss Fernando’s Daemonarch project. He then expands on his current focus on Moonspell’s new record, family life, writing projects, Moonspell’s upcoming biography, lecturing students, and Fernando’s fourth poetry book. We then cannot miss the perfect chance to discuss the occult with such an individual while peeking into his own evolution within the topic. We conclude our chat with an introspection into Fernando’s and Moonspell’s 25 year career. Long live the irreligious and keep enjoying living under the Moonspell.

KREATOR Interview 11/8/13

We had the pleasure to catch up with the legendary and Teutonic thrash master Mille Petrozza of Kreator during their “Legends of Thrash” tour. We were able to get Mille’s thoughts about his 31-year career and discuss Kreator’s lyrical themes and inspiration, especially in relation to the band’s social protest lyrical legacy. More specifically we discussed the ‘Death to the World’ track from the Phantom Antichrist album and its intended environmental message alongside Mille’s thoughts on this global issue. We were also able to explore Mille’s perspectives on side projects and guest appearances. Mille also talks about different bands that would make up a great touring bill while also discussing upcoming future plans for Kreator, including another U.S. run in 2014-15. For last, we then get a bit more personal and delve into who Miland “Mille” Petrozza is outside Kreator; his guitar collection, his vegan lifestyle, and even his television habits are included in the conversation.

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