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The Goddamn Gallows: Interview & Live Videos 8/23/13

Interview with Mikey, Fishgutzzz, Baby G., TV’s Avery & Joe Perreze of The Goddamn Gallows

The Goddamn Gallows – Live at the Bluebird Theater in Denver – Aug. 23rd, 2013

Save Yourself

Load Your Guns

What Was The High

Ragtime Sinner

The Maker

Mikey Classic – Guitar, vox
Fishgutzzz – Big ol’ Bass, Shouts
Baby Genius – Drums
TV’s Avery – Washboard & Accordian
Joe Perreze – Banjo

Grave: Interview, Live Footage & Photos 10/7/12

Carlos Reali of superskum. com interviews Ola Lindgren of Grave on Oct. 7th, 2012.
Grave – Live in Englewood, CO on Oct. 7th, 2012.
Additional live footage camera angles filmed by Carlos Reali & Chris Brockman.
Photos by Carmen Mayta of



Passion of the Weak

Morbid Way To Die

You’ll Never See

Goatwhore: Live 11/10/10

These guys kicked some serious ass! Goatwhore, Black Anvil & Animus opened for Watain.

Goatwhore “Apocalyptic Havoc” from the album “Carving Out the Eyes of God” Live in Denver, CO

Goatwhore “Razor Flesh Devoured” & “Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult” Live in Denver, CO – November 10, 2010

Goatwhore “In the Narrow Confines of Defilement” Live in Denver, CO – November 10, 2010

Goatwhore “The Black Art of Deception” Live in Denver, CO – November 10, 2010