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ATROCITY Interview 2/13/14

We boarded the Krull’s family tour bus and had a chance to catch up with a true metal workaholic and driving force behind Atrocity and Leave’s Eye, none other than Alexander Krull himself. We first discuss the implications of his touring double duties with both bands. We also explore some details of the family/music dynamics involved. We then discuss different aspects of the Okkult album including a trilogy conceptualization, the current styles being explored, and the first global metal treasure hunt. We then discuss the band’s musical experimentation history. We go into some details about Werk 80 III and then we review the many different dimensions that make Alex the positive workaholic that he is along with his own 30-year career and his future endeavors. We conclude our talk with some insight about his sister Yasmin Krull and Alex’s upcoming production duties.

Amon Amarth Interview 7/7/13

We had a chance to sit down with one of Amon Amarth’s founding members Olavi Mikkonen on their Denver stop for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival. This time around we had the opportunity to discuss their current tour and the upcoming European tour with Carcass and Hell. We also had a chance to talk about their famous Viking ship stage prop and their limited set and set list for this festival. Olavi also briefly discussed the comparison and contrast between European Festivals and American festivals like the Rockstar Mayhem Festival. We then had a more detailed discussion about their new album Deceiver of the Gods where we touched on the differences for this new record in comparison to their older catalogue, the idea behind and design of their limited box set, future music videos for the release, and working with legendary producer Andy Sneap. For last, we discussed the bands utilization of online social media resources, more specifically the promotion of the new album through ‘Reddit.’

Death To All: Interview & Live Footage 4/15/13

We sat down with legendary manager, producer, entertainment lawyer, Chuck Schuldiner/Death manager Eric Greif to discuss Chuck’s relationship with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, healthcare options for ailing musicians, the issues surrounding the financial controversy of the first Death To All tour in 2012, the birth of the Death To All concept and initial experiences, upcoming 2013 and 2014 Death To All shows, tour, and lineups, plus his thoughts on Chuck Schuldiner being in the Grammy Museum and Death purists.

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We caught up with Paul Masvidal (Death, Cynic, Death to All) to discuss the concept behind the Death To All tour, his current stage and band experience with the original Human-era lineup, choosing a guest vocalist, the meaning of this tribute tour to Death’s music and Chuck Schuldiner’s memory, as well as old/new fans. He also discusses Cynic, his other projects, musical duties, and composing opportunities within the television and movie industry.

Death to All “Pull the Plug” Live in Denver on Apr. 15th, 2013

Death to All “Zombie Ritual” Live in Denver on Apr. 15th, 2013

Death to All “Living Monstrosity” Live in Denver on Apr. 15th, 2013

Max Phelps – vocals, guitar
Paul Masvidal – guitar
Steve DiGiorgio – bass guitar
Sean Reinert – drums