Delain Interview 9/14/13

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Charlotte Wessels of Delain during their stop in Denver with Kamelot.  She was nice enough to discuss a variety of topics ranging from their latest release “Interlude” on Napalm Records to how the band transformed from a musical project into a full-fledged touring band.  She was also nice enough to talk to us about the guest vocalists Delain uses, like Marco Hietala from Nightwish and Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell.  Additionally, we were able to ask Charlotte about the bands upcoming My Masquerade show on November 8th as this will be a unique experience for any fan of Delain.  Finally, Charlotte was kind enough to let us in on the process for making the video for “We Are the Others” and she also gave us some insight on how she channeled her feelings that were aroused by the senseless assault and murder of Sophie Lancaster into the song. Links: Delain on the Web ~ The Sophie Lancaster Foundation